Tips for choosing a personal loan

Choosing a personal loan is easy only when you have a perfect credit score, high revenues and tones of knowledge on the matter. Otherwise, you need us

Choosing a personal loan process

We know, most of the viewers here are just looking for a personal loan for bad credit near me. Note we prepare a large piece on how you can be denied a loan even though your credit score is good, and better try to think that we all have bad credit – at least as an educating exercise. And why near me? Nowadays we can get almost instantly a personal loan (not only fast cash, but almost any kind of a loan) – everything online.

So, what are the factors and facts we need to take into account when choosing out needed personal loan? After you have studied your ability to take on debt and know exactly how much is the amount you can loan, you must know how to choose the cheaper option of personal loan that fits your budget.

To achieve this goal please follow these tips:

The interest rate

Choosing a personal loanThere are two types of interest to choose from, fixed or variable. Choosing a personal loan based on the two is always wise. Fixed interest, as it says the name, will remain the same for the entire time of the contract. On the other hand, if you get a variable interest rate, this is subject to change from one installment payment to the next.

The variable interest rate changes are based on some kind of economic indicators, for example 12-month Treasury Average Index (MTA), Constant Maturity Treasury (CMT) or National Average Contract Mortgage Rate. In this case, your montly payment amount will be rising or falling  according to the changes of the chosen indicator.

In difficult and unstable economic times, it is much safer to get a fixed rate. Even if they cost a little more in the beginning, in the long run they can be a lot cheaper and you can be assured that your payment will not change. You know exactly how much your monthly fee.

For example, a loan with variable interest rate, based on 12 Month Treasury Average, contracted 12 months ago, started with an interest rate of x + 1.282% (x being the fixed component – the bank margin), and now has an interest rate of x + 2.332%. As you can see, the 12 Months Treasury Average is almost double in just one year. Even worst, is almost 4 times bigger than 2 years ago, 7 times than 3 years ago, and 18 times bigger than 4 years ago.

Beware fees

The fact that a specific type of loan has lower payments does not necessarily mean that this is lower. You must also take into account the term of this. Then the interest along with the number of payments to determine the total cost of credit. This means that you should bring good bills and see how much is the difference between the amount you are giving and the monthly payment to be paid each month. To find these exact accounts is a good idea to use loans comparing services there on the Web.

Associated Products

Sometimes credit organizations give loans subject to other products are obtained, for example could be a life insurance or disability.

Sometimes the entity determines the granting of a loan to the recruitment of other products. This usually happens with entities that do not have an established relationship. They will open a new account which entails expenses. Such additions make the loan more expensive and is something that should be taken into account when buying.


Ask well as charge-up fee for first time or pay off the loan early. This is called a prepayment penalty. Moreover there are entities that offer as low as 0.5% interest, but charge high commissions which include the cost of financing the loan.

Be very careful especially when seeking short-term loans because the average interest rate on these is usually much higher when the time to pay this loan is shorter.

The Fine Print

Usually commissions and interest data are placed in small print at the bottom of the loan agreements with other aspects that are not taken into account. So,read well and if there are things you do not understand do not be embarrassed to ask, you are on your right. Please ask and do not proceed until a satisfactory response.

And finally, never obtain financial commitments that you cannot pay back because this will only worsen the situation. It would only be a temporary lifeline that, in the future he would sink deeper into see to help stay afloat.

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